Sci-Fi Dinner Reservations

We are planning to eat dinner at Sci-Fi and then try to go to Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam. Would we be better off with an early dinner or would one at 6:15 give us enough time? I cannot tell how much there really is to see during that show.

I’d probably go with earlier because they can seat late and service can be slow. We were easily there 90 mins after being seated this time.

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Not sure what time JBJB starts, but my rule of thumb for any show is to not book dinner later than 90 minutes before show time.

Also, for that show, you don’t just want to be “out of the restaurant” at show time, you’ll probably want to be done at least 30 min prior, to give you a chance to get through though the crowds and find a viewing spot.

Thank you for the input. JBJB starts that evening at 9:00 pm so I think we have a bit of flexibility, but may want to try for earlier just to be sure.