SCI-FI Dining Package- Fantasmic

I tried to book this last night (3AM for me) for our stay in March and the dining package for Sci-Fi never came up as an option. I ended up just booking a regular dinner at 6:15pm. I would be surprised if it was already sold out at the 69 day mark. Is it possible I did it wrong? I even got a Space resy…

Dining packages often aren’t available at 60 days, they will show up.


Oh I didn’t know that! So you just have to keep checking…

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Yes. I think you can set up an alert specifically for the dining packages too.


I’ve actually just seen on another thread that you can’t set an alert for dining packages. Sorry!


Yeah, it was basically just my morning and lunchtime routine to check and see if my SciFi dining package had become available yet. Basically you have to just keep checking until it shows up…