Sci-Fi Dine In Theater for three?

I’m going on a girl’s trip at end of September with two other women. I have a reservation for 50’s Prime Time Cafe for our last day lunch but I’m not that big of a fan of the restaurant. I love Sci-Fi though, but didn’t pursue it originally because of the car seating formation and don’t want someone to sit alone.

Have you been to Sci-Fi as a party of three? How were you seated?

We’ve done this with 3. It wasn’t great. DW sat alone. If we ever go back, I’ll take the hit.

I’ve been with a party of 5 adults (my parents, my partner and my sister). We had all 3 rows of one car. My dad sat alone in the middle, my mom and sister up front and my partner and myself in the back.

3 would be worse, though, because you would end up with one sitting alone and have another party in your car.

I have been to Sci Fi at least 10 times and almost always as a party of 3. I actually prefer to sit alone there, so my kids will sit in front of me. Even when I went with 2 friends I sat behind them. Sci fi is not a restaurant that encourages conversation, in fact it is dark and cold and such a wonderful place to recharge and escape the brutal Florida sun.
They do have several cars that only have the 2 rows, so most of the time we get those. If not the ones with 3 rows are fine for a party of 3. They may put a party of 2 in the 3rd row, you won’t even know they are there because it is a naturally quiet place.

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I did party of 3 and we were given a round table toward the back. Not exactly the same as the cars but honestly, worked fine for us and we could see the movies well. We were 3 adults. Kids might be bummed.

i’ve been with a party of three adults. we were seated in a car. two sat in front and our third adult sat behind. while there wasn’t a lot of conversation, we all agreed it was a great break to sit and relax. we’d been together all day and while we were happy to be together, a little downtime to eat and watch the clips was a welcome rest. it wasn’t awkward at all!