Sci-Fi Dine In Reservation? What am I missing?

I’m 180 days out on our trip so I’m busy doing all the dining reservations… I want to book a lunch for the Sci-Fi Dine In movie place at Hollywood Studios but the dates are greyed out online, starting with one day before our arrival. What the heck is going on? Is the place closing or something? Is there a special event? I’ve made like 10 reservations today and I haven’t come across this on a single one of them… anyone have any insight? Thanks!

log out and back in again. Sometimes it gets wonky.

also, check if there is a SWW or something happening on that date. SWW used to have a special dinner event that locked out the restaurant. Good luck!

I know from experience that this can happen as it happened on both this trip coming up and my previous one. It is an issue that MDE is aware of, I was able to make only some of my ADRs on line before calling. I have also notice that this can be an issue on the MDE app for the phone vs for the computer, but I’ve had it on both the computer and the phone. I had called and spoke to someone in the tech support for the MDE and was told that this is an issue they are aware of and are working on it.

I haven’t been able to get a Sci-Fi ADR, even though I have started using the reservation finder also. I’ve been trying for some weeks.

If it helps, the last time we were there, the Sci-Fi food was super greasy (Sept 2015). We were pretty disappointed, as we had a good experience the time before.

If you get your reservation, have fun, the atmosphere is so cute! But bring Pepto, just in case… and get one of the glow in the dark drinks, it’s awesome for the kiddies.

Oh who am I kidding - it’s awesome for EVERYONE!

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If this helps at all - I’ve heard Sci-Fi was great up until a couple years ago. We had a friend go before our trip and they were super disappointed as well, said the same thing about food being super greasy, blah Sonic-style burger and a rubbery steak…We actually canceled that reservation based on that feedback.

Also had a res Finder going for Sci Fi for early Dec with no luck at all

I just got a sci fi reservation through res finder! Keep waiting, it took months!

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