Sci Fi Dine In Question

I have heard rumors that when you have the dining plan and eat at Sci Fi, that their milkshakes can be used as your drink. Is this true?

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I have not actually tried it, but according to the research I have been doing to prepare for this upcoming trip, the answer is yes. And not just at Sci-Fi, but anywhere. Apparently, all non-alcoholic beverages are available except those with a glow cube or a souvenir cup.

I know we got it on the DP in Sept 14, but I think it was the dessert, not the drink.

Hmmm, I will have to definitely try it at every restaurant I go to in November! Thanks!

Yes we got milkshakes at Sci fi as drinks in the dining plan last Monday.

Awesome! My DBIL will be so excited! Literally EVERY restaurant we have ever gone to together he asks if they have milkshakes and now he can get one that is included in the dining plan! Thanks!

Yep! We got milkshakes for drinks last week! Delicious!! And they bring you water with the shake too!