Sci-Fi Dine-In — do multiple parties share cars?


I’m thinking of booking Sci-Fi Dine-In but I’ll be dining alone. I don’t want to be put on a stool at a bar somewhere — I want to be in a car. I see they have three rows of seats each. Do they only put complete parties in cars, or do they split cars up between different parties?


As far as I know you would be in a car. They have tables where larger groups can go, and seemingly if you just do a walk up you will almost certainly be sitting at a table.

But with an ADR I think you’ll be in a car. :grinning:


As I understand it, you will be put in a car as a “hitchhiker” (which is a horrible way to term it IMHO).


Yep, you’ll be in a car with other people, but always in a separate row so there is no actual need to interact with anyone aside from the courtesy nod when you get in the car. :grin:


Yes DS and I were in a car behind a family of 4.


Thanks everyone — I didn’t want to book if I wasn’t going to get a car. Seems slightly pointless otherwise!

Of course, this will be on TSL opening day, so what time I should book it for is anyone’s guess!


I really enjoyed their burger with a fried green tomato on it. Very tasty.


It can be surprisingly hard to get, so I would take whatever time you can!


We had a set of hitch hikers for a bit in the way back.