School Project Help: Seeking Former and Current CM

Currently looking for former or current CM to help me out with a school project. I am suppose to look for someone who is in the industry that I would like to be in the future. I am basically seeking general information about the job of a CM in the parks or resorts.

Some of the things I am suppose to ask questions on are:

  • Tell me more about the career or field of your choice, especially about business and
    communication skills needed to be successful
  • Get advice about how to succeed in this particular industry

Welcome to PM me answers. I plan to formulate the answer for my project from many different response (if I get more than one.) I may have some follow up questions to anyone that responds to me. Thank you!

There are several past and current CMs over on Lines Chat. Maybe ask there?

I will tag @pod4christ to this post.

@melodicwords, would you like me to link your request to chat?

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