School days!



I agree… Sadly, this attendance requirements are a byproduct of the guidelines the school has to do to get federal funds.

I graduated high school in 1993. My senior year I had about 60 days absent. They didn’t care back then b/c the federal “No child left behind” laws & multiple standardized tests throughout the year didn’t exist.

I just didn’t go unless it was test day and / or something “important” or fun. I graduated #7 out of about 150 w/ a 3.8 GPA


That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Go you!!!


My favorite line from a boss and principal was his comment about my 16 yr old daughter that already earned enough credit to graduate, " High School (HS) should be about credits earned not a prison sentence". He helped us so she could graduate HS early and start college. The HS principal wasn’t going to allow it b/c ‘she was too young’. Getting her out when she was ready was the best decision ever.


It’s all about getting kids in seats so they can be counted and the school gets paid…

My area’s middle school & high school are packed b/c another suburb has to ship all their kids over here.The other suburb tried to open their own schools about two years ago. The school leaders from my area put out a smear campaign about how it would make the taxes in the area wanting new schools skyrocket. It’s all about keeping the money where it is, not about what would be better for the kids. :frowning_face:


That is a whopper of a typo! :slight_smile:


When did this happen?!? and I know it’s true :pensive:


Thanks for that! I have been posting from my phone for days now. I suspect I have posted numerous random ACs.


Oh hell no to homeschool. This years hybrid schooling was all I can handle. Let’s just say The apple of DD7 doesn’t fall far from the “mom is a stubborn person who always needs to be right and have the last word” tree :rofl:


I had the best senior year. Senior year is of course cut short, and we had about 10 non-makeup snow days, and of course, we cut class a lot .
I graduated, went to college, got a BS and have a successful job. I’ve done something right :rofl:


I get it… home school is NOT for everyone :wink:


I only had to fight this one time with our school.

Out of courtesy I let the school office know that my son would be missing 3 days of the following week while we took a family trip. Soon afterwards I recieved a phone call from the Principal who informed me this was against school policy. I asked them why the Marching Band could miss 5 consecutive school days to attend a band competition at Disney World.

Of course I got the trite response about the band competition being an “enrichment” experience to which I responded, that accounts for the 2 days of the competition now explain the other 3 days where the band remains at Disney World to visit the parks. The Principle went on to say that was also considered enrichment. I said fine, my son will be getting 3 days of enrichment at Disney World as well.