Scheduling Savi’s and Droid Depot

One of my kids has been diligently saving towards buying a custom lightsaber at Savi’s and a droid at Droid Depot so I am in a position where I am going to schedule both experiences.

We are staying at the beach club for 5 nights so we have 6 days in the parks.

Any suggestions on when you would schedule these? In effect would you schedule at the beginning of a day, middle or end?

In a perfect world we want to get on both the GE rides and get to check out the land, that is a primary goal of this trip so I do t mind hitting the park on Two different days.

It seems to me that there could be some advantages from having the reservation. From a getting in a group perspective. Does anyone have experience with this?

Definitely do the lightsaber at night. Nothing is more satisfying than stepping out into a dark batuu and ignoring the blade.
Also makes for good pictures.