Scheduling River of Lights

We are planning to visit the World February 5-9 inclusive. Our dates are fixed because this is a work / play trip. I normally select the park we visit each day based on the EMH (Mornings) schedule because we are an early to rise early to bed kind of family. EMH would put us at Animal Kingdom on a Monday (assuming that the historical schedule holds true). I really want to see Rivers of Light. Based on the current schedule for Sept and October, it seems that the show will be dark on Mondays during the value seasons. The actual schedule for our time period will only become available sometime in November.

It’s early enough in the planning process to easily change the day we visit each park. Once my ADR’s are completed in August, it will become harder to change parks because we wont have park hopper tickets.

I know I.m not the only one with this issue. What flexibility are you incorporating into your planning to accommodate Disney’s scheduling time line?

The only thing important this far out is ADRs, and unless you’re trying to get the real “hard” ones, that’s even not all that critical. I’d plan my AK day on a “best guess” given what you know now.

Thanks for the input. I keep forgetting that we aren’t travelling during peak season. I have more flexibility than I’ve had in the past. I’ll plan for a Tuesday and keep my fingers crossed that I guessed right.

There is a RoL dining package and while it doesn’t actually open for booking until about 3 months it is a good guide. Right now when it hits Sept, M/W/F show not available for booking, so you can probably assume it won’t run those nights until it is back ‘in season’ although if the poplularity of the show and the dining package continue they could always decide to run it more nights when it gets closer. I am actually surprised that they are having dark nights at all considering the FPs & dining reservations through the last week in Aug are mostly already booked out at 60 days.