Scheduling my trip with Typhoon Lagoon in it

we (DH 33 and I 31) just booked a vacation to WDW and Universal from 5/10 to 5/21. We’ve already been to both in 2015 and 2019 but this time we are planning to visit TL during our WDW stay (and probably VB too when at Universal). I’m a bit confused on how to choose which day to go to the water park with the new system of park reservations.
Without park reservations, I probably wouldn’t have worried about it too much and just go according to the weather and highest crowds in other parks in the crowd calendar. But now as I need to “commit” to a reservation (even knowing I can change them as long as there is availability) I really don’t know what my strategy should be to choose which day to go.
Do anyone have any recommendations about that?
Feel free to tell me I’m worrying too much about this if need be :wink:

You don’t need reservations for the water parks. Is that what you mean?

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Are you only planning to do TL on the day that you go there? If you plan to combine it with a trip to another park, you only need to make a reservation at the other park.

If you plan to drop a park day entirely to go to TL, you will need to decide in advance so that you can sort out your park reservations for the other days.

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Ok I was not sure about that, thanks.
But what I mean is that we plan to dedicate one day to TL (probably combining TL and rest at the resort after) and I don’t know how to choose that day.
Per exemple let’s say I make park reservations on every day except May 14th then it will be the day we go to TL. But if there is bad weather or any other change I might not be able to shuffle my other reservations to accommodate if park reservation are full the other days.

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Yes we are planning to do 1 day for TL (probably leaving early to rest at the hotel after) and as you say we need to decide in advance which day. That is bothering me because if Park Reservations are fully booked on the other days that mean I can’t adjust and shuffle around to accommodate weather or any other change.

Welcome to the wonderful world of park reservations! You don’t have any other options than hoping you picked the right day for weather to cooperate. Sorry if that’s too candid :blush:


Well, I had started a reply several times earlier to say exactly this but it felt too “direct”.

It’s true though, unfortunately.

The good news is this: at this time there are no parks sold out in the month of May including HS on May The Fourth. So you might be okay to just make a switcheroo if that becomes necessary.


Even what I wrote was my “polite” version :crazy_face::rofl:

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This response is totally ok :smile:, I’m probably over thinking this since their is no other choice anyway.
Thank you all for your help!