Scheduling Jedi Training

We’ll be at HS on 11/30, which is a level 6 day. I hoped to do TSMM at RD and again later in the morning with a FPP. We want to sign DS up for Jedi Training. I’ve read that it is important to go there at RD, so I guess we’ll forego the first TSMM. Is that the best plan?

Also, if we head over to sign up for Jedi first, would we be able to make it to Frozen Sing Along by 9:15?

go to Jedi training sign up before ANYTHING else make sure all children are present. I doubt you will make Frozen @9.15 and sign up. You need to be at turnstiles at least 30 mins before schedualed opening for JTA as it is crazy popular… the actual JTA takes about an hour in total including the fact that you must return 30 minutes before show time with your child or you lose your slot. Sign up can take 15-20 mins by the time you queue unless you are first one in. They ask the children a few questions before allocating a show time

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