Scheduling Jedi Training in personalized TP

Our HS day is turning out to be the hardest to plan. We go in early May, so no TSL to worry about, but TSMM is unpredictable with no FPP available until after our trip begins. I was trying to select a preferred time for Jedi Training in my plan, but the arrival and wait times don’t line up with the showtime properly when I do that, and the ride before is showing “free time” that it should be putting toward JT. Can anyone help me with this? We have a PPO H&V to sign up for JT, so I’m fairly confident I can get the time I want and I want it to show up that way in the TP. Thanks for any insight you can share.

Put a meal break in for the time block that you have to allot for JT. If you make it for the closest restaurant then the walk times should work out OK too.


Thanks. We already have lunch at Sci Fi that day so I could just tack on extra time there. How much time should I block off? I’ve heard you should arrive 20 minutes before showtime, and the show is 20 minutes, is that accurate?

Pretty sure it’s 30 minutes early on the arrival. I’d probably block another 30 for the show itself as well just to be on the safe side. At a certain age it was my son’s favorite thing in all of WDW & makes for some great picture opportunities…


I added a 30 min break before my preferred Jedi show time and then I don’t optimize my plan anymore - I only evaluate so that it doesn’t move the jedi show around

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Yes 30 mins before and the show is at least 25 minutes.