Schedule planning help!

My ADR day is coming up and I am having trouble deciding on my park schedule for the week. We are doing a split stay- 2 nights at Pop and 6 nights at Yacht Club. We will arrive late on Friday 4/26 and plan to go to DS on Saturday to activate our military salute tickets. First park day would be on Sunday. We have 5 day park hopper tickets. I can’t decide best park to do this day- MK bc no matter where we would stay we would need to take a bus there or Epcot so it is easier to check into YC?

Also, I am thinking we will do 2 days MK and 1 for each of the other parks. At some point during the week I would want to do HEA dessert party. Should I do this on a day we rope drop MK or better on an Epcot morning so we can rest before going to MK? Appreciate any help or advice!!

Your first park day is Sunday, and that is the day you move over to YC, right?

You have park hoppers? Do you have a car or are you using bell services to move luggage? Lots of us have done split stays so there’s good advice on this topic. Disney can take care of the move easily.

This sounds like a good day to go to Epcot, break midday, then HEA dessert party. Your room at YC may not be ready until 3 though.

I would not rope drop MK and stay all day for the fireworks unless you have no other choice. It’s exhausting.

Yes, we have park hoppers. We don’t have a car so will be using bell services to transfer luggage.

I agree and was thinking it would be too much to do MK all day. So it is probably better to do half days with a break and going to a different park at night.

I love breaking up the day with some park time, resort time and then more park time for an evening show.

There are great public spaces that you can use at YC/BC in case your room isn’t quite ready for your break on that day. You could always go to the pool (best on property!).