Schedule of Events for 2017 Very Merry Mickey Christmas Party?

We are planning to purchase the Christmas Party tickets for Tuesday, December 5. I can’t seem to find a schedule of events i.e. what time are the parades (I think I saw 7 and 10:30?), fireworks, shows, etc. I want to have a plan, you know! Also, what is the official time I can get into the park with only that ticket? We will not have a regular admission ticket that day. I have seen 4 pm and 5 pm. I selected that we would purchasing these tickets when I created my Touring Plan but it didn’t seem to add these special events. Thanks!!

We went last December and we’re able to enter at 4. With ticket you can make fp between times of 4 -and 6 So that’s an added bonus. Here are printed schedules from last year. Hope this helps. Think they generally keep times the same each year

So, when you initially create the TP the special events will be listed at the top on the right-most tab under the Quick Search bar. In an already-created TP they will be at the very bottom of the list when you click “Add Attraction” at the bottom of your list, above the optimize/evaluate buttons.