Scavenger Hunts - Are any similar to USF Wand locations?

I’m reading the 2020 with Kids book. My thought is that it might help me plan/think about some things that will likely be back by Feb 2022. Of course I’ll buy the main 2022 book when it comes out.

Anyway, it talked about one of the scavenger hunts and what happened and it reminded me of the interactive wand locations at USF. Is that right? You go to a certain location, you do something, and something unexpected, small but a little neat happens. Is that how they all are?

MK used to have the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom which was a lot of fun. Sort of like the HP wands but w/ cards that triggered different things throughout MK. They took it all down earlier this year. :frowning: My two played this as teens and had a great time. They were both sad to hear it wasn’t there anymore.

There are some great child centered activities in the Guide to the Magic for Kids book. My two loved it when they were younger. Lots to read about each attraction, plus stickers and space to review. There are a bunch of smaller things (quizes, lists to look for, Where am I photos, etc) as well as a journal section at the end with writing prompts.

The web site shows that it includes Galaxy’s Edge so it should be fairly up to date.

I think one of the favorite things my kids took from the book was to keep track of what color Monorails we spot during our trip. The book had a page w/ them all listed but even when the kids were older they would keep track w/ a list on their phones. :sunglasses:

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Here are the similar things I’m aware of…

Sorcerers of the MK - as mentioned, no longer available [sad face]

Phineas and Ferb Agent P’s Epcot World Showcase Adventure (formerly Kim Possible) was supposed to be replaced by Duck Tales last summer, then delayed to this summer. Haven’t heard anything recently but something to keep an eye on. We enjoyed both of the prior versions. It was similar to the wands as far as interacting with the environment.

A Pirate’s Adventure at MK - currently shows as temporarily not available in MDE so something else to keep an eye on (we never did this one)

Star Wars Data Pad - Galaxy’s Edge HS - we played a very little bit with it in the queues for RotR and MFSR (scanning cargo containers for loot) but not enough to be able to review it - I think it might have been a fun diversion if we’d focused on it a bit more - I’m not aware of anything in the environment that responds though?

Other Play Disney App items - we didn’t play with these much at all during our June 2021 trip, but during our January 2020 trip, we did the part for the Toy Story Manía queue and were able to interact with Stinky Pete as described at the link below - I’m not sure if that is currently functioning and whether there are other instances so you might look for recent feedback on the Play Disney App

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We played with the data pad last month. DS10 loved it. The only really “interactive” element that we found, though, was “unlocking” doors. You get a list of doors in the app and find one. Then, when you select that door, the keypad on the wall lights up/makes sounds. When you solve a simple puzzle, it then makes some more noise. Gets old after a little while.

There are missions of some sort, but we never spent much time, since it seemed like you had to be in the queue to do them and we never really spent any time in the queues.


There’s also the Remy’s scavenger hunt during Epcot F&W, but that’s not as “interactive”. There are stickers, and a prize, however.

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Along those lines, there’s also Epcot “Kidcot” stations and Wilderness Explorers at AK.


Everything everyone mentioned and none of it is as good as the wands but I think phineas and ferb in Epcot and Pirates in mk were my two favorite because of the neat interactive elements.

*and as everyone said they are not functioning right now. I do enjoy the Epcot scavenger hunts and they have one at every festival but I don’t really like WE in AK that much. It’s very geared to littles and they don’t actually make you do anything to earn the sticker. Just talk to you.

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Thank you all. You’ve helped me set my expectations. We have 10 day tickets, and I imagine we’ll enjoy having something else to do when lines are long. Plus, DD really really really loves the wand locations.

The above is a good problem to have.


A Pirate’s Adventure IS THE BEST. Tons of interactive elements (it was always fun to watch people jump nearby!) and they used to give you a fastpass for POC after you completed one or two adventures. They would give you a pirate map for each mission that was a super cute souvenir. My kids would spend hours running back and forth in Adventureland! They were very sad that it’s closed.

I was hoping for something more like that in SWGE. I tried a few “missions” but I couldn’t get into it. One we tried just had you doing puzzles on the phone, which was pretty dull.

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The ones on your phone eat up my phone battery. Even with a portable charger I go thru a lot of phone battery with all that’s dependent on it. So wands and A Pirates Adventure are great…plus like you said the interactive elements are more rewarding than something happening on your phone. Phineas & Ferb while on your phone to get clues also had those neat interactive things, I never even knew there was a red telephone booth way in back at UK and then seeing a surprise happen there…that kind of thing is neat. So I’ll cut that one some slack on using my phone. I hope they bring it back with DuckTales. I enjoy these things as an adult more than the rides honestly.


DD has taken to watching the Disney youtube videos with me. Which I need to stop because now she really wants to build the light saber. I was kind-of thinking it would happen, but as a huge surprise for DD and DH.
Anyway, one mentioned one of the Phineas ones. She was excited about that. Then I had to tell her it was cancelled, but there might be a Duck Tales one started by the time we go. She was even more excited about that.

My recommendation if Duck Tales is up, is do it as a family activity on one device.

Because there were badges, my (erroneous) thinking was we should each do it on our own device so we could each collect badges.

But, it sent us to the locations within that country in different orders, so we couldn’t move around as a group. And, since we weren’t comfortable with the DS11s moving around completely on their own, DH and I each took a twin, but still had to backtrack repeatedly because the order on their device wasn’t the same as ours.

Also, getting it set up on the DS11 twins’ kindles required some fancy tech footwork (DH is a tech wiz) but it was glitchy still so ate up time and was frustrating.

You could also divide your family into teams with each team sharing a device, but I would only have each person use their own device if you’re willing to let everyone scatter and complete independently.

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We just have the one child. So, we probably would have done it together anyway. But, thanks, now we know that there wouldn’t be an advantage to do otherwise.
It will be like at the wand locations. We just bought one wand, and watched DD do them. With occasionally borrowing her wand if we didn’t see something.

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Our family was a huge fan of both the Kim Possible and Phineas & Ferb (I am currently wearing a P&F shirt!) television shows, and subsequently the interactive games in EPCOT. When you played Kim, they actually gave you a “Kimmunicator” but it was 100% switched over to your personal phone for Phineas & Ferb.

A Duck Tales game would be great and I think these activities have really added a lot for families in EPCOT.