Scared of GrandFlo

I agree that the public spaces at GF are truly stunning. But from what I’ve seen (in photos) of the guest rooms, I’m not excited. They look tired to me. I’d be more excited by a theme park view room at CR, whose room designs are also more to my (modern) taste.

My other objection to the service at GF (and hotels like it) is the they can almost never get it right. It’s either embarrassingly obsequious, or snooty and ridiculous.

I’d honestly rather stay at YC if you forced me to stay at a Deluxe. Or WL if they redo the rooms.

DIS Unplugged finally posted their review of the GF on YouTube that explains what the original problem was, which caused this particular thread. It all centered around MB’s not working reliably when unlocking hotel room doors at the GF and the repeated efforts that were needed with CMs to get the issue fixed.

To each his own, but I wouldn’t let that scare me aware from the GF.


It’s just on YouTube? I want to check it out but I tend to prefer listening on the podcast when I’m on the go, but I will check it out on YouTube if that’s my only option.

Interesting- I wonder if the issue was too many MBs on their profile?

Pete’s opinions haven’t always lined up with mine. For example, I’ve never had Ohana rush me out. It’s been quite the opposite, in fact. I have wished they would move faster. Anyway, I would take it with a grain of salt.

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I haven’t stayed there, but we’ve been for dinner and the property is beautiful. I would say, as one of the most expensive properties on WDW, if it was that terrible, people wouldn’t pay that price. They are a deluxe property for a reason. Furthermore (but this is speculation), I would think that when you compared it to Pop or POR, you’d at least find it comparable, but most likely better. That’s why the price is what it is. At very least, enjoy the proximity to MK.

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I think Pete was justified with being upset hes was paying $1500 a night and was treated with disrespect. It was a case of bad customer service. I would be upset as well. He gave the resort a good review, the room was nice and very clean except that couch. The problem he had was with the front desk and the front desk manager. Yes his NJ came out and mine would have too. I can’t understand why someone would pay that much money to stay anywhere, but $1500 is more then I get in a month from SSD. I worked with customers to long to not realize what a waste they made by noy treating him better. At check in I’m sure they knew he was a AP holder not to mention a DVC member with 3 or more contracts. Here you have a guy paying $1500 a night for 2 room for at least 2 or 3 nights. He was a AP so you know he will be returning to Disney to spend more money WHY oh WHY would you not treat him better so that he comes back to your resort is beyond me. I would be tempted if I was him to walk up to that manager and say “do you not know who I AM.” “I own a large travel agency and I also have several U-tube channels where I give advice on what to do at Disney.” “Now do you think I will encourage my clients to come here or go somewhere else considering I want them to have a good time and come back and book through my company again.”

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I just watched it. All I could think of every time he mentioned $750 a night per room was that he must be a really bad planner. Who pays rack rates?


We’re staying at AKL CL for a couple nights this summer with DS6 and DS5. Any info that might be helpful would be appreciated to ensure a good trip!

Oh! Do you want a bunk room? 4505 is a great room (location and view). There was a chef cooking every night in the lounge (small plates). Enjoy!

He is very transparent in saying that when they are doing a review of any sort, they pay rack rate for everything. They want to be clear that they are reviewing the resort/dining/experience/etc as is and are not swayed by any financial compensation, whether direct or by way of discounts.


My husband requested a bunk room on the phone, but I’m not sure of the number. We’ll double check!

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You don’t have to get any other discounts other than the general public. Why would he not say: rack rate is $750 but no one should ever pay that. I booked the general public discount so I paid $575 a room. Or I booked using my AP rate and I paid $525. When he reviews DVC does he use his points?

Are you also using the TP fax?

We haven’t used the fax, and while I’m sure he talked to someone and asked for a bunk room, I don’t think a specific room has been requested. Should we do that? On the same call I think he had arranged a day or two stay at CSR CL on different dates, and he had let them know it would be our anniversary. I don’t want to mess anything up by sending a fax now on the AKL stay.

Btw, I’m super psyched about the chef in the lounge! I hope that’s a usual feature of AKL CL!

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I believe BWI might also have a Chef at times, but it is the only CL I have experienced it.

Did your husband make the request through signature services?

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I’m just saying what I’ve heard him say. It’s not my business to run, it’s his and his choices are his own. I’m just sharing.

FWIW yes, he uses his DVC points when he reviews DVC.

I understand, I am stopping now :grinning:

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I’m confused. What is the general public discount? Years ago I used to see discounts, but I think I’ve paid rack rates the past few years. Does the Disney website automatically show a “public discount” and I just think I’m paying rack?

Although there currently not any discounts available past September, Disney has over the last first released rack rates and then throughout the year they have released “specials”. If you book rack rate you need to contact Disney to apply the discount when it is released. Here is the list of historical discounts.