Scared of 2021 Crowds

We decided to move our trip from Nov 2020 to Nov 2021, but I am so nervous that the crowds will be insane and the whole trip will be a big let down for me. From what I’ve been reading, it seemed like this past February was busier than normal. Maybe we picked the absolute perfect week in 2019, but it’s the only thing I have to compare to, so I can’t help but think I’ll go in with unrealistic expectations.

ETA: I forgot to include this: Our boys will be 5 and 2 at the time of the trip. We haven’t decided how we’ll be educating our oldest (because he’s only 3), so this might be our best chance to go during the school year and before our youngest son needs a ticket. We will also be taking grandparents along, so I have an ASAP approach to that trip, because they’re all in good health and I don’t want to take that for granted.

You could always pass…
#lowcrowdsforme :joy::joy:

Honestly I think if you’re going in 2021 you’ve got to expect it to be crazy. Expect anything less and you’ll be disappointed.


And you’re way ahead of any mob just by being here! #IAintAfraidOfNoCrowds

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Just edited my OP to include our sons ages which is why I want to go in 2021 and not 2022.

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Since the anniversary of DW is October 2021, and there are additional new attractions opening at Epcot and MK, I would say expect crowds. You will be in Disney, so it shouldn’t be a disappointment. Just be realistic with your expectations, understanding it will probably not be like 2019, and have good plans for your park days.


DH suggested that we go for just a couple of days during the 50th anniversary, just long enough to purchase the anniversary merchandise and not even try to get on attractions . Airfare, hotel, food, makes for some pretty expensive t shirts and pins.


When in Nov are you going? That very last week, overlapping first week in Dec is a very low CL week. You most certainly want to avoid Thanksgiving, Veterans Day weekend or any races. Otherwise Nov is a great time to go - great weather, not hot & humid or rainy. I say go for it!

I think we’ll be the week between veterans day and Thanksgiving.

We are planning the 1st week in October 2021 - can’t wait! :sunglasses:

I can’t imagine November 2021 being any worse than the usual Novembers. I would suspect the 50th birthday celebration of MK fever to have died down by that time. Of course Thanksgiving week and weekend will be chaotic, but early to mid-November should be okay.

We are planning a July 2021 trip, and that has me worried. I am waiting as late as possible in hopes that both the Tron and Guardians of the Galaxy coasters will be open. However, I am concerned that many other will be thinking the same. I know many are considering skipping 2020 for 2021 as well. Most recently, I have to wonder how many of those who were going to do a 2020 trip are now delaying out of COVID-19 fears.

So you think the 50th buzz will be leading up to October and not so much after? I was worried with Tron and GotG (neither of which we will ride) opening late, that the buzz would start more in the fall.

I think after the actual 50th anniversary of opening (October 1, 2021), the crowds will reduce to normal levels for the rest of the year, normal meaning the still-crazy crowds of Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s weeks.

Here’s hoping!