Savor the Savanna / WIld Africa Trek

We did Wild Africa Trek on our last visit and had so much fun we were planning to do it again next time. Then Mammoth Club posted a video about Savor the Savanna; I didn’t know about this one. Now we have to choose. Ack!


I have debated Savor the Savanna numerous times, but I just don’t know if the price is worth it. They used to do a FotLK package at Tiffins which was a great 3 course meal, semi-private safari like StS, and front row seating at FotLK that was much less expensive. I’d be curious to see what you think if you do decide to do it.

I’ve done WAT twice. Doing Savor in a few weeks and will report. I’m afraid it’s going to be disappointing compared to WAT. Sorry, I don’t mean that as negative as it sounds.


When I told DH about Savor the Savanna he said he’d like to do that one next time because hanging over hippos and walking over crocodiles has been done. Surprising since he wanted to do WAT again.

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I did Savor the Savanna last December and it was the highlight of our trip. Semi-private safari, we had 11 people in our group. We got to stop on the savanna where a keeper was feeding giraffe. Asked a ton of questions, giraffe got really close and we got some great pics. Spent an hour on the Boma with food, drinks, dessert. There were binoculars, so we could see the lions from the back of the Boma. We also go to talk to one of the keepers who works with the lions. Finished the safari and that was it! Overall, fantastic experience. We’ll definitely do it again. I’ve never done WAT, but from what I can gather Savor the Savanna is a more relaxed version. Happy to answer questions if anyone has any!


Important distinction. WAT has anxious filled moments. Great tour, but ya gotta work at it.

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I can see StS being a better option for those with mobility issues or who are afraid of heights. We had a great time doing WAT, but StS sounds like fun to do next time.

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