Savi's Workshop

Has anyone been able to book reservations for an upcoming trip? Today is my ADR day and it says the page is unavailable. Hoping it’s just a technical glitch. Thanks!

I was able to load the page. Are you using Chrome? I’ve found that sometimes I have to use an “incognito” window for some reason.

Thanks! I tried incognito and could get to the checkout, but an error would keep popping up. I called Disney, and it appears I have to wait until Wednesday to book. It has to be 180 days exactly, unlike ADRs according to the CM I talked to. Phew! At least I know what went wrong. Thank you for the suggestion.

Huh! Is this really true? No 180+10 for these “activity” reservations? I have been trying for over a week to book BBB online and was FINALLY able to book today, which is coincidentally (maybe not) 180 days! I guess that would make sense!