Savi's Workshop Times

Were the time slots always that close together? DS13 did it on 5/29 and I thought it was longer than a 20 minute slot when we originally booked it. It was totally worth it, and I’ve never seen him so excited, but still a pricey splurge for a 20 minute experience.

(Also, I didn’t buy the upgraded “fancy” carrying case because I didn’t want to spend more at the time, but I wish I’d at least looked at them. Especially carrying it home on the plane, I was very stressed about it and wish we’d had a little more protection for it.)

20 min is about right. You have to report early for selection of your lightsaber kit, payment, and some orientation. But the amount of time inside the room is about 15-20 min.


It occurred to me that if there were more Savi reservations available there were probably more Droid Depot available too. Was able to just now move Droid to same HS visit on 6/30 Savi for an All Batuu All the Time time. We now have Ogas, followed by Droids, followed by Savi (with a little time in between each for other stuff). And it allows our resort day to be truly a full resort day if we want it that way. We still have an HS park pass so we can pop in if we like :smiley:

Loads of times available for Droid depot if you’re interested!

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