Savi's Workshop Reservations

Anyone having any luck with Savi’s reservations??? Just hit my 60 day mark and there is nothing available in November

I was listening to a podcast the other day that reiterated that while Disney SAYS they release things at 60 days, they often don’t. So if you’re checking at 60 days and there’s nothing they probably haven’t released them yet. I think that happened on my last trip with Droid Depot, and I’ve run into it with dessert parties and even sometimes certain restaurants. Keep checking, or set an alert (it looks like MouseWatchers does Savi’s) and you’ll get a notification when they’re released.

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Ya, don’t stress about this. I did at 60 days. It was one of very few requests from all 3 of my kids (14, 11, 7). They saved up their own cash and I wasn’t sure if we were going to get a chance to blow that cash at Savi’s.

But rest assured, if you keep checking, you will find reservations. I wish I had written down the dates to see if there was any pattern.

Also keep checking if you want to improve your reservation time as you work over your plan for the day. I kept pushing the reservation later and later, if I could, so we didn’t have to lug everything around all day.

We did droid depot first and then Savi’s and had about 40 minutes between one ending and the other starting.

I have checked 3 ot 4 times a day for almost 2 months months now and I have not had any luck. Hope you have better luck than I have.

Thanks all - will keep trying! Good luck to everyone trying to get one!

Also note that Savi’s reservations open at 12 midnight ET rather than 6:00am ET like ADRs. Good luck hunting! :wink: