Savi's workshop lightsaber customization

Hey, is it possible to have the Rancor tooth endcap on a lightsaber from a different set? I really like the rancor tooth endcap, but not the rest of the hilt in that set.

We did it a year ago. They had four different styles and each style had customizations for each style. Not sure tho if you can mix and match between different styles.

I 95% certain that you can’t mox and match, but leave that 5% because I am like, “well maybe?”.

I know when I saw the pieces in person I had a different impression than when Insaw them online. So maybe you would end up liking it better?

You’ll have to commit to one set of pieces for the lightsaber building, but they will sell you additional pieces at Savi’s for $20-30.

When you get to Savi’s, they have a display case so you can see the pieces up close. I will say the pieces in the case were maybe plastic and did not look as nice as the final metal pieces we were given, so keep that in mind.