Savi's Walkup? Is it even possible?

Hey everyone! We are going on 3/13. I keep checking, but for reservations for Savi’s everything is crossed out. Does anyone know if they do take a few walk ups during the day at all there? We will be very flexible, but I just did not know if its even possible.


Walk-ins are “subject to availability”, so in theory it’s possible but I personally haven’t come across any experiences on it happening.

It’s worth checking back periodically for reservations as I’ve heard some get one even on the same day.

When we were there at the end of January, we saw a couple get turned away without a reservation. I thought I heard the CM say a reservation was required.

We were turned away this week at park open. My cousin decided to come with us last minute and I figured I would give it a shot - no go. But it was also an extremely busy week in the parks.

I was doing my periodic scan of my Hollywood Studios plans on Saturday and managed to snag an 8:10 am opening for our trip in a month. I assume they dropped a few more openings with the earlier hours. So now I have a $200 incentive to get moving really early that morning. (Plus a son who was so excited to learn he was going to get to build a light saber.)

I suspect you might keep an eye the day before to see if anybody cancels their reservation rather than be out the $200. Unlikely, I bet. But you never know if someone’s plans are going to fall through for whatever reason.

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I saw 4 walk-ins on a rainy night in October … so I would try that as a last resort.

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