Savi's Reservation

Sorry for all the questions today. Today is 60 days before my trip. I’ve booked dining, but am trying to find a Savi’s reservation and it says there is nothing for my entire trip (been trying since before 6 AM). Is it likely that it sold out so quickly? Or is it possible additional times will become available? Trying to set expectations for my son…

I am having the same issue since Saturday. I have a 10 day trip but can’t see any openings 8/10-8/20.

Several others in chat and other forums are reporting the same thing. Hopefully they release the reservations or my son may turn to the Dark Side.

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OK, well that makes me feel a little better. We’re there 8/12-8/20 so same boat. I guess I’ll keep checking! Thanks!

Oh man, this doesn’t make me feel any better! I’m planning on being at HS 8/19 and 8/21. I hope this is a glitch and Disney IT is shorthanded!

Heads up to others looking: I gave them a call to ask about Savi’s. The CM said that the last reservation was on the 12th, so nothing beyond that had been loaded into the system. He said that they drop one day at a time at 6 AM and NOT for your whole trip. That doesn’t seem to be true based on what I’ve read, but I’m going to try tomorrow for 8/13.

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Did it work? This morning was the start of my 60+10 and we didn’t have any luck at all with Savi. We did get a Droid Depo reservation, and we were able to get that before 6am est. I thought these were on the same schedule as ADRs. Maybe these “extras” open at midnight?

I called and talked to a CM and reserved Beachcomber cabanas and at the end of the call I asked about Savi. She looked for me but no dice. I asked her about when they drop, do more open up in 10-14 days, etc, and she said that she has always been told they drop all at once.

So who knows? :confused:

I called this past Saturday too for mid August as well. The CM did say keep checking because they definitely havent released the times yet. Fingers crossed…

It didn’t work. Still nothing. I’m just going to keep checking…There are a ton of openings for droid building. No idea what is going on.

It’s not.

It’s so frustrating when you know more than the CM

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I’m guessing that if you are only looking for one builder, something will open up closer to your trip as people cancel.

The CM I talked to said they do get a lot of cancelations the week leading up to trips as folks solidify their plans and come to the realization that they do not want to spend another $220 for a 20 minute experience.

I have three (3) sad builders. Their expectations have now been set and they are fine. They even saved up all their own $$$ for these.

I’ll never get 3 cancelations in the same group. My wife won’t give up though. We’ll probably end up park hopping to HS too many times just for this…man we need a reservation finder for these extras.

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Yes. I have both my kids now booked to build droids. The original plan was for one to do a droid and one a light saber. If I get an opening, then I’ll try to get my 12 year old into light sabers and cancel his droid appt. I don’t want to pay for both. Ha. But if things don’t open up, I’m not going to alter our park plans for this. It’ll be fun either way. I would LOVE a reservation finder for this stuff for planning! That keeps me from being too stressed about dining…I’ve had success in the past.

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True! Though, weirdly MDE will now not let me search for my entire trip. Just 60 days. Maybe they’re changing it?

You need to check another enchantment extra that has availibility (droids), log in again and then try Savi’s via the search function and check availibilities. It should let you check for the 60+x (but, spoiler alert, there are none at the moment…).


All these frickin workarounds and loopholes man

Get it together Disney IT!


Anyone else dream about Savi’s reservations? Probably because it’s the last thing I do before bed and first thing I do when I wake up ( and about 50 more times in between).

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OMG. This worked. Thank you! But the tech issues are definitely annoying.


Holy Cow, thanks for that workaround on the Savi date range. These software bugs are frustrating.


Has anyone gone recently? Have they REALLY scaled back the reservations? I searched and there is NOTHING for the whole available window currently (june, july, AND august).

I mean, I know it’s popular, but not THAT popular.

Savi’s reservations now available for August. Just booked one for 12:45 on August 16th. (Day 60+1 for me)


THANK YOU for posting! Just got it as well!

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