Savi's and Oga's - new availability

Just an FYI if anyone has been looking for Savi’s or Oga’s reservations, it seems they’ve just recently opened up additional availability. I was able to change our time for Savi’s and get an additional Oga’s res for our trip next week, and there was plenty of availability where there was none before. Fingers crossed the same happens for Droid Depot!

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Thanks! Just snagged an Oga’s reservation at the perfect time. :slight_smile:

Got a few alerts and noticed a ton of availability for Oga’s this morning. Scored the missing times we need for our December trip. The open times seem to span most of the day and be available now to the six month out period.

I’m getting a “page is temporarily unavailable” for Savi’s :roll_eyes:

Thank you! I just landed a reservation for six during our visit!

That happened to me a lot trying to book the droid depot. I booked two different times. The first time, the website wasn’t working but the app was fine. The other time, it was the opposite. :woman_shrugging:

Have you checked this thread:

Seems like Savi’s is completely booked for dec. Alreqdy have a reservation but would’ve changed the day and time a bit.

Thank you, yes I’ve read that thread before. This was the first time I’ve had any issues, but I tried it on my phone and got it to go through. I just wanted to modify my reservation a bit and was able to move it slightly earlier. We’ll see what opens up closer to my visit…

Looks like Droid Depot has opened up a bunch now, too!