Savis - 2 lightsabers but family of 5?

Thinking about doing Savi’s for our two boys. The website is clear that there is one “spectator” allowed per builder. However, I’m wondering if there’s a chance they will let DD3 in along with me and DW. Worst case - I just take the boys, but if were dropping that much money I’d like DW to experience it too. And DD3 will probably feel left out. I suspect DD3 coming will not be an issue, but wanted to bounce the idea around here to see if anyone has input.

I don’t have personal experience, but have read several accounts where people were able to bring two guests (ie a spouse and child), so I think it should be fine. If your boys are the “builders”, it makes sense both have an adult with them, and of course in that case you can bring a 3yo along.