Saving money! Spring break 3/25-31

Passing on the savings I found this am.

AP rates are available this morning for my dates for RP. 3/25-31 are not blockout dates for the 2 park seasonal AP.

New package $4797.59:
1- 2 park Seasonal AP
3- 3 day 2 park park to park with 2 free days dated, beginning on 3/26
6 nights at RPR standard 2Q
5 day photo package

Previous package $4777.17
4- 3 day 2 park park to park with 2 free days dated, beginning on 3/26
5 nights at RPR standard 2Q
5 day photo package

I don’t have to change hotels after our late flight arrival! We can stay put! I’m doing a happy dance, and other than my amazing TA, no one is quite as happy as me! This would have been ~$600 more before the AP rates!


I just canceled the cheap hotel I had for Saturday night & now I’m ahead $110 + rideshare costs!

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I struggle to find AP hotel rates. When I google for a link to AP rates the first page works but the next Universal page redirects to a booking page where the AP code seems to disappear. Can you provide a link for the page you’re using?

This is the link I use to book my AP rates:

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Great savings @carihunt! I’m putting together a trip in June and trying to get the right combination of AP vs non AP…makes my head spin! Did you use a touring plans TA? Thinking I may need some professional help.

I use a friend of mine. I would be happy to give you her information if you would like it!

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Sure, that would be great!

Thanks for this! I just spent more. :laughing:
Moved from a split CBR/RPR to all days at Portofino.
Would be the same price, I think but 2 of my 4 days are Seasonal blockout dates. Boo.
But, staying in one place for 4 nights is definitely worth the extra price.


That is the only change I would make at this point. If I could stay at Portofino, it would have my vote.

Thanks for the links, Accio and Cari. They are working for me (only not for the dates I want :slight_smile: )

Cari, how did you find that your dates became available? Were you just checking periodically and one day they magically were available?

Between my agent & I, we check it multiple times a day. I am annoyed with social media, so instead of wasting time there, I would waste it on this! (And on Monday, the price decreased a second time, which saved us ~$300, so I booked the float ride & dine for us!)

I don’t know if days out matter, but I would imagine it does. We were 6 weeks exactly from our original arrival date when I found the first discount. I would guess that the occupancy wasn’t quite on target, so perhaps they released more AP rates.

Our current room rates for RPR:


I’ll also get into the habit of checking multiple times per day. The dates I’m looking for are the week after yours, right at peek spring break time. I know it’s unlikely that they’ll offer discounted rates during that week but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Congratulations to you on snagging a second discount! That price for 6 nights in a swanky resort + express pass looks like a great deal to me!


Thanks for the inspiration @cari! AP rates for my dates dropped Monday. I booked a split stay at RP and DS using your AP tix mix strategy. Saved a ton vs. my initial booking. It’s gonna be awesome!

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