Saving $2500 with Fall Discount!

So I just realized if I switch our Dec stay from a split BC/GF to just BC club level we save $2500 yay!! Kinda seems like a no brainier right? Is it tough to get from BC to AK and MK and back? We were org. staying at GF bc of convenience to MK and of course bc my dad loves it there lol! Thanks.


It is very easy to take the bus to AK and MK from BC. They do share a bus with YC but I think I have always found a seat on those buses and I have only once had a crowd at a bus stop. In that case they sent three buses to transport everyone. With the monorail these days make the switch!

You can always ride the monorail over to MK after spending some time at EP. Doesn't work for rope drop, but we did it several times when staying at bw.

I would definitely make the switch. Saving money and club level, too! We didn't have any issues with buses to the parks. DTD was worse because the bus included Boardwalk. Felt like it took forever. I would just use a cab next time.