Savi and Droid back-to-back

Hello! Husband has Savi at 2:25 pm and kids have Droid at 3:05 pm. He needs to join us for the Droid building bc kids are 6,7 and 9. Will that be enough time or should I space it out more?

The entire experience inside Savi’s Workshop takes around 20 minutes . If you include check-in and reviewing the hilt styles, it’s closer to 30 - 40 minutes total.

I have friends that just got back from a trip last weekend. They didn’t do these activities, but said everything at DHS was running behind. They attribute it to lower staff levels. You’d have places that normally have 8 - 10 CMs operating it and now have 4 - including the Managers pitching in. (Who normally, supervise and float around)

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Thank you!

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I think it will be fine. He could go to Savi’s 15 mins early if you want to be sure.

fwiw, we were like 15-20 minutes late for Droid Depot and they took us in without issues, and this was at peak season.


good info! thank you!