Saved $5000 on recent trip


@tigger613 Did you use CC points to save so much at Portafino? I am trying to find a way to cut costs and stay at an EP US hotel if possible.


Yes - so we have a capital one card that has great travel benefits - So basically you accrue points and then can redeam for almost any type of travel. There is a breakdown - 15,000 for up to $150 of travel, 35,000 for up to $350 and then over $600 it is point for point - so $600 = 60,000, $610 = 61,000 etc.

So yes - I did use points - but nothing specific to Lowes (which is the hotel line). I hope that helps.


I believe Universal in a deluxe hotel with unlimited express pass is the more quality part of any Orlando break we do

Apart from dining out where the quality is in Epcot, Tiffins, and HBD

I prefer the citywalk options to boardwalk options as well but ive never done disney springs and I assume there’s loads more there


In the UK any cards that give you avios point can be spent on universal deluxe (normally royal pacific) and swan or dolphin