Save Plan to Another Trip

One of the TPs that I created wouldn’t optimize because Universal subsequently announced that an attraction is closed the day we’re there. I eliminated the step and then optimized it. In the mean time, the trip with the invalid plan did not show up on my mobile Lines app. I added a trip on the mobile app so I could add the TPs. However, I cannot find TWO TPs that I created on my desktop version of the program for Universal – one at UIOA and the other at US. They were saved under the trip that the mobile app won’t display.

How do I copy plans from one trip to another? The Lines app does not find the trip that has the two TPs and is asking me to create new TPs for the trip I added. In other words, the Lines app only recognizes the trip I added on the mobile app and not the one with the two TPs that I saved with the desktop app.

All touring plans should be synced no matter where they’re created. And they don’t have to be within your “Trip” dates in order to be listed.

On the app, you’ll want to tap “All Plans”, then “Personalized Plans”.

I discovered that there is a separate mobile Lines app for UOR. The TPs that were not displaying were both at UOR. I installed the Lines app for that and now have access to those TPs.

Ah, I didn’t know you didn’t have the UOR Lines app!

It’s still the old version, but I hear it’s next on the list to get a fresh update. Hopefully similar to WDW Lines.