Save money on Disney souvenirs

My DDs went to the Disney Outlet at the Orlando International Premium Outlets and got some AMAZING deals: masks :mask: for 1.75, Loungefly backpack for $37 :flushed:, ear headband for $4! DB for $80, pins for $2. And more. The biggest surprise: my DH said w/he needs to go there… whaaaa…,?

The receipts :receipt: had all the Disney markings.


A smart man loves a good bargain. Too bad he can’t ride the skyliner there though. :crazy_face:

Also, that Figment phone case is way more appropriate than the MB. Keep it child-friendly, Disney.


I’ve been here twice and don’t think I knew there was a Disney store :rofl:

Tough last time I went an hour before closing to grab some new sneakers and the prior time was years and years ago…

Seems like a good outlet otherwise too

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I thought the exact same thing thanks to @amvanhoose reminding us of it earlier :rofl:


That Disney Parks bag is adorable :heart_eyes:

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He’s thinking of reducing my receipt totals from the parks lol.