Savannah View Room at AKL

Is it worth it? Do you see many animals? I hear some renovations are currently going on, is it too much to still make the trip peaceful? We would be going December 10th of this year…staying only one night before we stay for 1 week at Coronado Springs.

I appreciate any input!

Having stayed savannah view once at AKL, I would pay for it again. I don’t ever recall looking out on the savannah and not seeing any animals. We did have a view of the big interior savannah which might make a difference. We enjoyed hanging out on the balcony and observing the animals during our visit. Given you’re only paying the premium for savannah one night, I’d do it. The added cost for a full week would make it a little tougher call.

No idea on the renovations, but there was another thread recently asking about it and no one had noticed where they were actually occurring which I’d take as a good sign…

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We love it at AKL, and a savannah room makes it even more lovely. But if we didn’t want to spend on a savannah room we would be happy just the same knowing that animal viewing is always very nearby. I don’t know if it would be as “worth it” for a single night. On the other hand, it would be less expensive than a multi-night stay.

You may want the guarantee view. I prefer to use the TP room request and use it to request a standard view with a view of animals. Of course I am willing to take the chance because I live AKL and know I will see many animals.

I would cast my vote for “not worth it”. I stay at. Standard view room on Kudu and it has a partial Savanna view. We can see giraffes, zebras, ostriches and a couple other animals that I cannot name. My kids (8 & 4) got excited at the first sight but then lost interest 5 minutes later. We don’t spend a lot of time in the room. It is also true that you can see animals outside of your room too. So, for the above reasons, I am happy with my standard view room.

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