"Savable" Snack Credit Items?

My wife and I will be on the Platinum dining plan for a portion of our trip in a few weeks. Given the amount of regular food we’ll be having over those 4 days, I doubt we’ll be using our snack credits. Since we’re splitting the stay and staying on another 4 nights after the package part I was trying to think of a few different good, not regular candy, snacks that we can throw in the resort fridge. Right now all I can think of is loading up on Zebra dome packs from the Mara, but would like anyone else’s suggestions.

Well you can use them on fresh fruit as well though it’s not a great exchange rate. I think if you go to Goofy’s their custom made rice krispy and dipped pretzel rods are a snack credit… though I’m not 100% on that one.

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DW would suggest the iced sugar cookies from Sweet Spells and similar shops. ALL and I do mean all of her snack credits (and half of mine, DS’s and DMiL’s) go to those cookies!!

I think most of the resort CS places have a few snack/side items that would keep well. I know I’ve seen yogurt parfait, side salads, fruit bowls, & hummus and veggies in refrigerated cases at BW bakery, the Mara, and BC marketplace. You could also reheat soups or fried rice, if you had a microwave or used one at the food court. There are also tons of sweet options, like tarts and cupcakes, of course!

Many of the items at Karamell-Kuche can be bought in plastic containers.