Sat 25 October. What's your countdown today?

Morning everyone!

I’m at 101 days and 23 hours now. So excited to get under a hundred!

What about you, what’s your countdown today?

Good morning, @Ellen1976! My countdown is 73.

Good morning! I have to work today. :frowning:

But in ONE WEEK I’ll be heading to the airport!!! Will be strange not going to the Poly, but I think we’ll like being able to walk to most of the parks (YC/CR split).

13 days!!

9! I should be doing the single digit dance! (But I’m in a death spiral of worry. If you need me, I’ll be eating cake in my closet until it passes.)


82! We’ll probably buy plane tickets in the next week or two… :seat::seat:

31 days to start of vacation.

AND cancelled / changed / updated ADRs and FPP this AM. Added a second MVMCP to the plan. I love online tools - I also sent pre-turkey in FL gifts to my niece and nephew (who doesn’t love a pile of temporary tats? oh, my sister in law) and order Disney Floral gifts for DS10.

Must get motivated.

7 days and I haven’t yet started packing. I feel so unprepared!

Oh well looks like there’s plenty of cake to go round on the clean thread! We’ll have our tea party in your closet, it’ll be great!

@SallyEppcot = 9 days

@DarthDopey = 13 days

@miatapaige = 7 days

Me = jealous!!!

Seriously though it’s great that your nearly there, hope you have a great time!

340 but it will go fast right… Right???

Course it will, I started at 236 this time and it doesn’t seem that long!

398… I’m excited to finally be below 400!

14 days until my very first trip to Orlando!

That’s great, really close now!

Hearts for all the trips! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

222 for us. I started thinking about the plan a little this week. ADR day will be here before I know it. I love the planning part too!

I’m excited for everyone going soon!

For all of us with a longer countdown, at least we have one, right! :wink:

Yes :smile:

My husband (after having said, ‘no way, not going in 2016’), admitted tonight that if I pushed it we could go! I don’t know if I might have to be a grown up for a change and admit that maybe we shouldn’t.

75! I’m choosing to look at it as 3 25 day legs.

As opposed to 10.5 7 day weeks.

Or 15 5 day chunks.

or 37.5 2 day niblets.

or 75 days. yecch.