Sassagoula River question

We are staying at OKW this month and are wondering about using the boat on the river for transportation to Riverside. Is that a feasible option or better to drive our own car?

You’ll need to check the routes. When we stayed at POFQ I think there were separate boats that served OKW-Disney Springs, and Riveride-Disney Springs. You might have to go OKW-DS-Riverside to use the boat. But that was two years ago, so things might have changed.

I think it would be better to drive but you could go to DS and then take the POR boat.

Last summer, there were two sets of boats that travel up the river, at the dock by Marketplace. One served DS-POFQ-POR, the other served DS-SSR-OKW. You’d have to go to DS to change boats. The boats are nice, but take time, have limited hours, and maybe don’t go in thunderstorms. I vote for driving your car.

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