Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory

We are staying at the French Quarter and are thinking about having dinner at the hotel on our last evening. This is a Quick service meal. How much do we get for one QS credit? Main course and soda or do we also get dessert?

Each credit on the QS dining plan is worth one entree and one beverage. No dessert.

Thank you!!

btw, with the QS-dining plan you’ll get two snack credits per day you could use on dessert.

@karinavatne, why the stomach-churning use of “flatworms” in the title? Do you have something against this QS? I hope it’s just an auto-fill thing.

I was wondering if anyone else had noticed that!!!

Sorry!! This was an auto filling thing. I have absolutely nothing against this place, we plan on eating there.

I thought you were😊 But want to make sure I don’t offend anyone😊

FWIW, it’s probably our favorite resort QS that we’ve eaten at a lot. To be fair that was prior to the recent refurb, but our family would give it very high marks. Make sure to try the Beignets…

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@Damavs, the Beignets are the main reason we want to go there, have heard that they are great.

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@karinavatne, thanks for fixing the title! I’d hoped it was just a silly thing, and that you didn’t have a mean reason for that. We love to stay at POFQ, and the food in the pictures looks a lot more tempting than the choices they had during our stay, 12 years ago.

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