Saratoga springs

Hi all,
Question about transportation.

I read in the info on TP about the busses being slow.

Our normal rule is 90 minutes – get to the bus stop 90 minutes before park opening.
Does that still seem good for MK or should we budget more time?

We’re not planning on rope dropping any rides for a number of reasons though.

Anything else to know about the resort? It was a last minute change. I’ve never been there before. I requested Congress Park as it seemed like we’d have a better chance of a water view and less hustle and bustle of being near the main area. We have a deluxe studio (I think, queen and murphy bed).

One more question: did you wait long for buses during the day? We plan on taking breaks in the afternoon.

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I’ve always had pretty consistently good bus service there. 90 minutes should be fine if you aren’t planning to rope drop. One note though is sometimes at peak times the bus does fill up before making it to every stop so you could have a slightly longer wait. The stops in order are Grandstand, Carousel, Paddock, Congress Park, the Springs.

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@Randall1028 has stayed here many times, I would know

You’re doing well so far. Congress Park is, in my opinion, the BEST option of the resort. Closest to Disney Springs, 2nd to last bus stop before off to the parks. Only downside is that it IS a bit of a walk to the main building.

Bus waits in the morning are almost non existent but in the afternoon can be a bit lengthy in comparison, but nothing out of the ordinary from other resorts that I would say. I think after like 12 or so, they’ve had usually have only 1 bus on the circuit and I think it’s roughly a 30 minute round trip before it’s back at the parks where it waits a few minutes.

So just about every half hour-45 minutes a bus is showing up barring some issue. Before heading down to the bus stop, I would check in on your app for the bus arrival times and that should definitely help you plan.

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Thank you all.

Another question,

In the traveller photos on TripAdvisor, there is a cool looking bridge, like walking bridge, over a body of water.

What is that? It looks really cool.

Do you have a preferred room booked?

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There is a bridge over the pond connecting the Paddock pool area to the Springs section.

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Yes. It was all that was available.

It is exactly that!

We stayed in Congress Park in December. Loved it there. No problems with transportation.

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If I can add on with another question - our experience with the bus system on our last trip (October 2019, staying at Beach Club) - left a lot to be desired, to put it mildly. We are considering a trip this August staying at Saratoga, and I was considering renting a SUV for the duration (we are a family of six). Our plan would be to drive to the parks each day (rope dropping) as opposed to using the bus system, and would likely take mid-day breaks each day.

In your opinion - is the car recommended? Looks like I can get something for about $50/day, which would be cheaper than Uber.

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I would still take the bus to MK to avoid parking at the TTC. Bus service has been pretty good for me at SSR.


I have stayed at SSR with a car and I drove to every park. If I am rope dropping MK I will drive to TTC. If I am taking a mid day break I often will bus back and forth and leave my car in that great parking spot until the end of the night.


Thank you all!

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