Saratoga Springs transportation experts HELP

I’m so excited to have rented points for SSR. You peeps with knowledge…can you get an Uber directly from your room, or do you have to go to Carriage House? Any other SSR tips appreciated

You can go right to your building

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i knew you would have the answer. Thank you. I cannot wait to stay there

When you return to your room use the location you were picked up for your return.

If you are staying in a standard building I like building 65. There is a gate right there (near the Uber turn around to DS). There is a great pool, laundry, QS at Paddock pool, a short walk to Congress Park with a quiet pool and the walking path to DS.


LOL. I read this title and was thinking maybe @EMgoblue could help you. Saratoga Springs NY :laughing::laughing:


Thanks. We are actually in preferred room so hoping for Congress Park

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