Saratoga Springs staycation

Somehow we ended up with a handful of DVC points that had been borrowed for a trip we left out a day early and needed to use up before our April use year started. WIth a quick look around, we got a room over at Saratoga Springs for the weekend. It’s our first time there, and the weather is supposed to be glorious. (I know, rub it in, right?)

Thanks to the ever-friendly forum helper peeps, we’re doing ADRs on Saturday at Trattoria al Forno for breakfast and (at kiddo’s request) doing Cape May Cafe for dinner. On Sunday, we’re doing The Wave for breakfast (one of our faves) and Liberty Tree Tavern (at the forum recommendation) for a late lunch. Because Raglan Road is having St. Patrick’s Day festivities all weekend, we figure we’ll probably walk over there at some point to take in the sounds.

We live right around the corner from the Castle, so doing things in the parks isn’t a high priority, and we’re only staying for the weekend, so I really want to absorb all the delights of Saratoga Springs….except none of us golf, and I’m not thinking spa treatments on this go-round. Would the pool be a good time sink for an afternoon with husband and DD4? Is there anything that makes the Community Hall at Saratoga better than the other ones? (We’ve spent quite a bit of time at the ones in Kidani and at OKW.) If you were just going to chillax for a weekend, would you be satisfied staying at Saratoga itself or would you feel the itching to go somewhere and do something? Just don’t want a case of “Oh, why didn’t you try X while you were there?” type of thing…


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When we stay at SSR we tend to spend a lot of time inside community hall because we like to paint pottery and the kids like to do all of the crafts available to purchase. Then they play games and do other things… Then we move outside to the pool for pool games and waterside recreation. Our kids do play golf so we do that frequently, or sometimes we just bring them out to hit balls on the range. Then we walk to DTD and spend time there. Then we go off to POP century to play games in the arcade and them to AoA for a snack and to play with the CARS.

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