Saratoga Springs Room Refurbishment Question?


Hope everyone is doing well!

I am currently scheduled to stay 2 nights in a Standard 2 bedroom villa at Saratoga Springs in November. I am hoping to add one night (Nov 7th) onto my trip, but currently there is no availability for that date.

I know rooms at Saratoga were undergoing a refurbishment, which has mainly been completed at this point, but I was wondering if there were still rooms being renovated that will be added to current inventory once complete?

As we are traveling with two year old twins, hoping to not have to change accommodations to fit in another night, but trying to gauge the possibility of our specific reservation coming up.

Appreciate any insight!


I think the refurbishment is pretty much completed and if not will absolutely be done by the end of September. So, no, I don’t think there is additional inventory that might be released. Nov/Dec is pretty much almost entirely booked across ALL of DVC believe it or not. Keep checking is my best advice.


Got it - not the answer I was hoping for, but much appreciated!!

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Sorry to bear the bad news! Are you the owner? I would think it’s possible that you might have good luck with a wait list.

No, not an owner, but thinking about it if I could get my husband on board.

I am renting from an owner who put me on the waitlist for that night, so I am hoping it all works out. I’m a planner though, so feeling anxious to finalize our plans!

Thank you again!!

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