Saratoga Springs Resort Bus Service

Has the bus service improved in recent years? We stayed three years ago, and a couple of mornings, we had to wait 45+ minutes for the bus to our desired park to come; in the mean time, we were passed by 3 busses for the other parks. We’re going to have a car this time, but given that it’s usually faster to bus it to Magic Kingdom than to drive then monorail or drive then boat, I want to know if the bus will be a reasonable option for this resort this time.

The Unofficial Guidebook and this site used to explicitly say that the bus service at SSR was the worst; that’s been toned down some, but it’s still among the lowest rated bus services to I still have concerns.

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We stayed at the Grandstand Dec 9-18. We only had one experience that you described. When I reported the incident, It turned out that the bus we waited for originally had an issue with the wheelchair customer and was delayed. The rest of the time all of the buses were as scheduled. The monitors were at the bus stop and working. I was not unhappy at all with the buses, even with two early ADRs.

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