Saratoga Springs - Good, Bad and Best Room Locations!

My daughter and I are set for a Christmas/Birthday Trip mid December 13-17. It’s my 50th and her Sweet 16. We are really looking forward to this trip since just two of us and last time we traveled together was back in 2012. Got fantastic deal for a Studio @ Saratoga Springs with Free Dining, 5-Day Park Hopper Pass.

With that said and staying here for first time, how is the food, room locations and overall service at this resort? Best room locations would be helpful too. Since it’s just the two of us traveling by ourselves, I’m looking for room locations that would service us best for transportation and dining hall.

Any comments, suggestions and/or feedback would be most appreciated.


I don’t know anything about SS so I am no help. But I hope you have a wonderful trip! I’m sure the two of you will have a blast! :slight_smile:

We were at one time DVC owners with SS being our “home resort”. When we vacationed there during that time we always stayed in the “Grandstand” as that is the first pick up and drop off for the buses. The Carriage House is just a short walk (at least in our opinion) where the main pool with an awesome slide and the resort restaurants are located.

Last year we stayed at SS for the first time since selling our DVC ownership (about 5 years prior) and decided to stay in an area that would give us quicker access to Disney Springs. We stayed in “The Carousel” which provided easy access to the walkway that leads to the Marketplace side of DS or to the ferryboat landing that can take you to the “The Landing” or the “West Side”. One downside to the Carousel is that the bus pickup/drop off is the second to last stop. Buses tended to be pretty crowded getting on (we are a family of 6 and it’s a BIG resort) and it seemed to always take FOREVER to get to your stop when you were returning but it was worth the trade-off for the convenience to DS as we walked over there almost everyday of a 10 day stay. Personally I’d steer away from “The Springs” that’s the last stop for picking up and dropping off and was almost always utter chaos, particularly when picking up because the bus was already full! Also it’s a pretty long walk to the Carriage House for dining BUT you can always get on the bus at the Carousel and get off at the Springs (which is right by the Carriage House).

We only had breakfast one time at the resort this last stay (it was QS and very good), years prior we always found the food to be up to par.

Have a great time!

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