Saratoga Springs 411 please? :)

FINALLY finished booking our trip for PHM weekend! 7 guests, 6 nights total- one night for two in a Lake View studio at VGF, five nights for 7 in a 2BR at Saratoga Springs! Finally jumped on the 25% cash discount for DVC.

Anywho, what's the lowdown on the Springs? I've visited, but never stayed, so I'm super excited!

It gets very favorable reviews. I haven't stayed there personally but it's a favorite for many liners.

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I liked The Springs section because it was right across the street from boat to Downtown Disney, Artist's Palette (quick service,) and Carriage House (lobby.) Many folks also like Congress Park area (near walking path to Downtown Disney.)

The Springs section is the last bus stop (out of 5,) before heading to the parks, and 5th coming back, so keep that in mind. (Great for heading TO the park.) Busses were plentiful.

Here is a review I wrote of The Artist's Palette:

that's awesome- thanks! The more I read, the more excited I am to stay there. It'll be a nice, relaxing way to pass the time after my legs fall off from the races.

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