Sapphire Falls - What is your experience

Hello there! We booked the week leading up to Christmas Day to stay at Sapphire Falls with 3 days at the parks. What experience have you had with this hotel? Were there any dining options that stood out to you? Anything special we should note? We have to pick up Express Unlimited Passes somewhere - does anybody know how we go about that? TIA! Excited! The trip is Dec 18-25 2019.

We stayed at Sapphire Falls for just one night in late March, before moving over to Portofino in the morning. We loved the hotel, it is beautiful! We ate dinner at Amatista Cookhouse and loved it. Great service, interesting Jamaican food. The boat to Citywalk/the parks is a wonderful way to travel. Our only problem with Sapphire Falls is they do not include express passes with your stay. It is usually more expensive to stay at SF and have to buy express out of pocket for each day, than it is to stay at one of the 3 hotels that provide express (Royal Pacific, Hard Rock, and Portofino). You might want to factor in the cost of express (which you can buy once in the parks for sure, not sure if you can buy it at Sapphire Falls) to your rate to make sure it isn’t cheaper to stay at one of the other 3. Other than the lack of express, Sapphire is a wonderful resort.