Sapphire Falls Room Requests?

I have a reservation just under 30 days away, it was booked via Expedia, 2 queens, would prefer a king. Wondering if anyone has had luck on getting a switch? Also what other requests may be available? Never been there and not sure what is even possible. I see this is more of a thing on the Disney side to get certain requests.

TP don’t do a Universal room request. You could try calling a few days before.

If it’s through Expeida you will likely run into issues switching around the room types but it never hurts to ask. Call a week before to see if they can accommodate.

Look and see what guest house location is best for you:

If you want to take the boat to the parks go for guest house 3, if you prefer to walk go for guest house 2.

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I have a lagoon view this time. They have always given me a guest house 2 room and it is so far away from everything. I’m going to request guest house 3 this time and see how it goes.

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