Sanford v. MCO

Last week, I asked a question regarding whether or not I should take the Magical Express or a car service from Orlando International. Today, I wanted to ask a related but separate question in regards to getting to Disney World. From where I live I can get super cheap direct flights to Sanford and even with using a car service for the round trip, the total price is still below what it would cost me to fly into Orlando. I’m wondering if anyone on here has chosen to fly to Sanford instead of Orlando? If so, what were your thoughts about the whole process, would you do it again? Was the saved money worth the extra time it took to get to Disney?

I’ve flown into Sanford several times. Nice, small airport-very easy to navigate and get going. Yes I would fly there again. The direct flight is great. I’ve rented a car there, used Quicksilver and Happy Limo car service. I prefer Quicksilver.

How long was the trip from the airport to Disney?

We have flown into Sandord for our last 3 trips. The drive takes between 45 to 60 minutes depending on where you’re staying and traffic. It’s so easy to navigate that airport. Takes no time at all to get your bags and be on your way. We’ve been able to get very cheap rental cars-cheaper than any of the town car shuttles- at busy times of year. We will continue to use Sandord as the convenience and price can’t be beat in our situation.