Sandy Claws and 7 Dwarfs

My DS5 really wants to meet Sandy Claws and the 7 Dwarfs. Is that possible to do before 730? If we line up early? He also wants to meet Judy Hopps, but I thought maybe we could possibly see her during normal MK hours at the Move it Shake it parade?? Any suggestions or comments would be very helpful!

Hi! I’m going to my first MVMCP in early December and have been doing tons of research for it. We want to meet the 7 Dwarfs & I’m hearing that it’s just possible, if you line up early, to meet them before 7-730pm. So I would say definitely NO to meeting BOTH of them before 730pm since it’s going to be tight to just accomplish one of them before then! You might have to do one of them very early, and do the other very late. But also keep in mind that I have read that not all of the lines for popular characters are open until midnight when the party closes - they might shut the line off early if there are already so many people in line that it will be full, KWIM?