Sanaa for dinner?

Thinking about adding a reservation for Sanaa to our plans after hearing so many good things but could only go in the evening after our AK day. Think it should be easy to get there by bus but wondering how difficult to get back to POR. Also I’ve heard there were night vision goggles available outside to see the animals at night. Does anyone know if this is still true?

I think Sanaa is best when there is daylight out. The food (most especially the bread service), decor (read on-line or ask your server about this), the nearby Savannah (go for a pre meal walk out there while you wait for your table) are all reasons why Sanaa is awesome…but, the number one cool/unique thing about the restaurant is that you have a view of animals while you eat. So, I would recommend that your first visit be while it’s light outside.

I can confirm that night vision gogles are available in Jambo BUT I haven’t heard anything about these being available at Kidani. Maybe they are…

Perhaps Uber from Sanaa back to your resort? The Disney app has a transportation section now…maybe see what it says.

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If AK is still open it should be relatively easy to hop a bus back to AK & then transfer to POR. Could be some bus waits, but…If AK is closed already, then you could do the same to any park that’s open. More interesting would be bus to DS & then boat back to POR, although that may be a long trek if you’re not into doing any shopping in between. Free will take some time, Uber would be faster of course…

Sanaa is great for dinner. Lunch and dinner are different experiences, meaning that restaurant has a different look and feel based on lighting, but I would recommend either or both. In my experience the service there is outstanding -some of the best I’ve had anywhere. The savanna overlook has the night vision goggles, a fire pit and some rocking chairs. There is also a nice terrace with rocking chairs on the level above the Sanaa. I don’t have better idea for getting back to POR than what’s been offered.

If you don’t get the bread service then you are doing it wrong.

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The animals of course are the big draw, but even if you couldn’t see them, I think the food is some of the best (non-signature) in WDW. Others have mentioned the best transportation options. If it was me, I’d go to DS, enjoy some of the entertainment, get a drink or two, maybe do some shopping and then take the boat back to POR.

Depending on the time of year, if the park closest to your hotel is open, take the bus there and transfer to a bus for your resort. Disney Springs is another option. Of course Uber or taxis can be used.

Thanks. The things I read about the night vision goggles were all at least 2 years old so I wasn’t sure it was still a thing. Wish we could go in daylight but in November it’s going to be dark too early and we only have 1 day for AK so don’t want to lose that much time.

Thanks for the ideas. I’m a little nervous of Uber being from a small Midwest town but bus to Disney Springs sounds good.

That sounds great! Definitely planning on the bread service!

It will be in November. Disney Springs sounds good as its probably the only chance we would have on this trip. Do buses from Sanaa and the boat from DS run pretty late?

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Disney Springs is open late and buses should run to and from resorts. The boats run well into the evening. We had a dinner reservation in Disney Springs and hopped a boat to see Ye Ha Bob at POR. We also took the boat back to DS and then a bus to our resort.

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My recollection is the transportation to/from DS runs until Midnight so you should have plenty of time to get to and explore DS some if you want before heading back to POR. The boat trip to/from DS is one of the nicer features of staying at Port Orleans so it would be nice to take advantage of it at least once…

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